Actinic Keratosis

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Actinic (Solar) Keratosis Treatment

Actinic keratosis, also known as solar keratosis, is the most common precancerous skin growth.  It shows up on your skin as a rough patch.  Actinic keratosis is usually found on your face, lips, ears, nose, scalp, neck, back of your hands, forearms, legs, and places that have had high exposure to the sun.

Treatments include topical creams, cryotherapy (actinic keratosis freezing), scraping (curettage), dermabrasion, chemical peel, and photodynamic therapy.  If treated early we can frequently avoid excision or Mohs surgery.  Serving Meridian, Eagle, Boise, Nampa, and Kuna, our dermatology team will determine the most effective treatment after thorough examination of the actinic keratosis.

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Baldness | nampa dermatologist
Baldness | nampa dermatologist

    •    Rough and dry patch of skin
    •    Usually less than 1 centimeter in diameter
    •    Sometimes easier to feel than see because of roughness
    •    Can be pink, red, grey, or brown in color
    •    Can have itching or burning feel
    •    Can be flat to slightly raised
    •    Sometimes has a hard surface
    •    Rapid enlargement of precancerous skin spots occur and is            concerning for progression to cancer.

Because actinic keratosis develops from years of sun exposure and enlarges slowly, it typically appears in people over the age of 40.  Early actinic keratosis detection is key to preventing it from developing into
skin cancer.  The majority of squamous cell carcinoma cases develop from precancerous actinic keratosis.Meridian area with integrity and compassion.  We are patient advocates, always advising what is in YOUR best interest.
Risk Factors

    •    Live in a sunny place
    •    Over 40 years of age
    •    Family history of actinic keratosis or skin cancer
    •    Freckle or burn easily
    •    History of frequent or intense sun exposure
    •    History of frequent or extreme sunburns
    •    Fair skinned
    •    Don’t use sunscreen
    •    Weak immune system

Even after your actinic keratosis is cured, we recommend checking in with us once a year to check for any recurrent actinic keratosis.  After you have had it once, the likelihood of it returning in other areas is high.  If you have many actinic keratosis, we will recommend being treated more than once a year.

If treated early, your actinic keratosis can be cleared up or treated before they develop into skin cancer.  Call Mountain Pine Dermatology at 208-898-7467 to schedule a consultation.

Our dermatologists serve the Meridian area with integrity and compassion.  We are patient advocates, always advising what is in YOUR best interest.
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Customer Reviews

“Dr. Thomas is a wonderful person who truly cares about people. Highly recommended.” - Lehi
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