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We appreciate it when our patients leave a review on any of our social media accounts below.  Just click on it to take you straight to the page!  If you feel like your experience at Mountain Pine Dermatology did not meet your expectations from our Values and Mission Statement, please call us.  We would love to talk to you about your experience.
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Mountain Pine Dermatology Reviews

“Dr. Perry is so knowledgeable and friendly.  They were very accommodating when I told them I was on a time crunch and I really appreciated it!  I highly recommend them.” 
- Nicole K.

“Dr. Perry is one of the most caring providers I know.  He goes above and beyond for his patients and will listen to all of their concerns thoroughly. He will take his time to explain to his patients the treatment options, he isn’t the type of doctor where you feel rushed and unheard. He is an amazing surgeon and I am lucky to have been able to work next to him. Without a doubt he will do what is right for his patients and will make sure his patients know that he cares, because he truly does!”
– Alexis V.

“Dr. Thomas is one of the most personable doctors you will ever meet. It is always great coming into the office knowing I will be taken care of the right way every time! Highly recommend this place to everybody!”
– Anthony G.

“Happy to recommend Dr. Thomas to family and friends. His team combines an excellent location, staff, and service, making for a great experience. Mountain Pine came up in a recent conversation with the pediatrician, and he didn't know we were already going there but gave us his recommendation for Dr. Thomas as well! Great team and doctor.”
– David B.

“I had the pleasure of working with both Dr. Thomas and Dr. Perry and being a patient. These two doctors are really 'cut from a different cloth'. Not only do they care about their patients, but they really do listen to your concerns. They are not in such a hurry to move you along and get you out of the office so they can see their next patient. If they need to spend extra time with you they will. While doctors have to abide by certain guidelines with regards to pricing, I can promise you, Mountain Pine Derm will work with you to achieve whatever treatment goal is necessary. Dr. Thomas removed a large cyst from my back. No complaints! Dr. Perry administered a cosmetic treatment for me (Kybella). Even though the Kybella treatment involves a lot of needle pokes, Dr. Perry was so kind and gentle. Stopping periodically to ask if me I am doing okay or if I needed a break. Such compassion from these two. I highly recommend!”
– Amy W.

“Chelsea is awesome! She is so personable and fun! I appreciate her expertise on both medical and cosmetic needs. I get all my injectables with Chelsea and she is sensitive to my comfort, results and recovery every time! Each time my bruising and swelling is less… yesss! Her assistant is so so great! Excellent job at dental blocks and tweaked things per my request & I did not feel a thing! She made me so comfy and they both made me laugh the whole time. Whether you need cosmetic "stuff" or have legit skin concerns, she is the best! Thank youuu!
– Lisa J.

“Wonderful! Dr. Thompson, Dr. Perry and NP Miller are very kind, patient, knowledgeable...they feel "real." Working in the healthcare industry myself, I understand burn out. These providers enjoy their field, and it's obvious through their service and interactions with patients. They helped my son, and now it's my daughter's turn. I've decided to transfer my care there as well!”
– Buffy S.

“What a great experience. The staff was really nice and they never fail to deliver their expertise. I met with their PA Chelsea Miller. She was very thorough, efficient and professional! I highly recommend this derm. clinic!”
– Ryan G.

“My husband is a wheelchair bound veteran with ongoing skin issues. Dr. Perry is a very knowledgeable and caring Dr. who goes the extra mile to help my husband and myself, as his caregiver. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the area.”
- DeOnne G.