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Lipoma (Fatty Tumor) Removal in Meridian, ID

Fatty tumors, known as lipomas, are non-cancerous and slow growing.   They can be hereditary and are fatty lumps underneath the skin.  They typically don’t hurt, but are soft and moveable under the skin. Fatty tumors are commonly found on the neck, shoulders, chest, and upper thighs- although they can appear almost anywhere.

Most of them do not require treatment.  However, if yours is tender, uncomfortable, or you want it removed for cosmetic reasons, it can be removed by excision.  This is a brief, minor outpatient surgery often with minimal downtime.

Most fatty tumors are not harmful, but if you discover one it would be best to get it evaluated. Call our Meridian Mountain Pine Dermatology office at
208-898-7467 to schedule an appointment.  We will discuss all options with you and encourage you to make the right decision for you and your skin.

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